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     How do we fully engage your curiosity and energy to best accomplish the changes you seek?

Powerful coaching builds on: a confidential, trusting, transparent relationship; appreciation for the vulnerability

and promise of each client; clear goals to achieve durable outcomes; development of self-awareness,

mindfulness/intentionality and appreciation; use of new skills, behaviors and strategies by the client to fulfill

their goals; and the client's commitment to deeper understanding of self, co-workers and the workplace


My coaching tools engage clients in leadership challenges and choices. The work of coaching takes place

during and between the sessions. Each session focuses on the client's current state, progress, goals, and

priority for work in this coaching time. Clients complete fieldwork tasks between sessions, agreed between

us at the end of each coaching session.  Fieldwork is designed with client to advance goals. Thus, it might 

include activities such as completing a long-deferred conversation, noticing differently, journaling, doing

research, blocking time for health-related activities, practicing a new skill or behavior, building new habits, inquiring more than telling, accomplishing a daunting task, interviewing others at work or home, doing a photo essay, taking a break ...  

The Coaching Engagement

  • Typically 8-12 biweekly coaching sessions of 60-90 minutes, in person or via video call.

  • In each session, we:  explore client's current state, fieldwork and progress, review coaching goals, establish client's focus for this session; do the coaching conversation and activities; assess the session; set followup.  Clients agree to engage in fieldwork tasks between the sessions.

  • As appropriate, coaching includes instruments for self-awareness (MBTI, TKI, EQ-i 2, etc.) with agreed-on fee for administration, interpretation, and reports. 

  • Coach is available for occasional between-session calls and emails, and to send relevant materials.  She meets with client and supervisor or work team members and colleagues as requested.  She does not reveal to anyone that she is client's coach, nor does she speak with client's supervisor without the client there or without explicit permission from the client.

"Thanks for the session yesterday.  It was very illuminating...especially about understanding different people's 'currency'."   Client.



How can leaders and organization members together design, implement and thrive on change that endures?

My consulting is based on the Organization Development (OD) approach to change: 

  • establish a trusting, valued, confidential client-consultant partnership 

  • listen to understand the client’s perspective on challenges/problems

  • engage those affected by the change 

  • create urgency around a shared perspective on current & desired states 

  • gather & build on appropriate data to understand and assess dynamics in the system

  • set clear goals/outcomes for the change process

  • develop and carry out a plan for the change, with understanding that there will be setbacks and shifts as well as successes

  • ensure that the change process is inclusive and transparent 

  • build better communications, strengthen teams, improve leadership

  • celebrate successes and reward contributions along the way 

  • evaluate the change process periodically and at the end

  • continue work as needed 


The OD approach encourages learning and new thinking.  This system-focused process should be thorough, creative, exciting, and engaging. OD consulting builds organization member and leader skills, relieves strains, encourages new perspectives, and re-energizes staff and management around new approaches and accomplishments. 

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