Vintage CEO Peer Group



                    Vintage CEO Peer Leadership Group


Are you are a top executive eager to further develop your leadership

effectiveness, gain insights, get confidential feedback, support colleagues,

better manage challenges and opportunities your organization faces?  

Vintage CEO Peer Group has been meeting for years, building on mutual trust 

and respect among its members to be a valued source of leadership development and peer coaching.  Each CEO member shares and evolves the narrative of their leadership work, learning from earlier chapters and their peers, and drafting the next chapters.  This work happens in Vintage meetings and between members outside of sessions.  Katherine is the Facilitator/Leader of this long-standing peer group.

                                                            How Vintage works:

  • 6 half-day sessions/year, rotating among members' offices.

  • Members from all sectors.  This close and confidential group focuses on developing members' leadership through       relationships:  listening, coaching, sharing experiences, giving and receiving feedback.  Humor is involved. 

  • In our sessions: 

    1. members give updates & may request on-the-spot peer coaching 

    2. the host presents a "case" they're working with.  He or she engages in conversation with peers, gaining input & resources.    

      • sample issues:

        • sustain a 2-3 year transformational change project

        • rebuild trust & morale following downsizing

        • re-establish career trajectory after setback

        • strategy for effective executive succession 

    3. we hold a leadership development work session.  Recent topics:

      • Covert Processes in Organizations (Robert Marshak, Ph.D.) 

      • Emotional Intelligence (Hassan Kamel, Otto Kroeger Associates) 

      • Strategy Workshop using  CCL Visual Explorer (Katherine Farquhar)

                               Vintage has openings.  Click here for more information

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